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Andere machen Cannabis-Extraktionen mit komprimiertem Flüssiggas wie Butan. Aber eine Cannabis-Extraktionsmethode ist bei Profis besonders beliebt, und zwar die Kohlendioxid-Extraktion (CO2). CO2 ist überall in der Luft (0,038%), die wir atmen. CO2 wird auch von unseren Körpern produziert, es ist ein Teil der natürlichen Welt.

29 Jan 2018 Learn how CO2 cannabis extracts are produced and familiarize yourself with the science behind this versatile extraction method. Cannabis plants need CO2 as part of the process of making energy from light via photosynthesis. Without CO2 your plants will "suffocate" and die. That's part of  3 Dec 2018 Learn why the amount of CO2 in the air has a profound effect on the rate of photosynthesis and marijuana plant growth. How to Use CO2 in Cannabis Grows; here's a step by step guide on how to correctly use CO2 to get the most out of your plants. There are many ways to make CO2 for cannabis, from many different elements. Some people use charcoal burners to create CO2 and you can use ethyl or  20 Aug 2019 CO2 cannabis extraction dissolves away cannabis plant matter while leaving a combination of aromatic terpenes and biologically active  16 Feb 2017 Takeaway: The benefits of CO2 enrichment on cannabis growth and productivity are widely recognized, but growers often debate how to best 

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What Is CO2 Cannabis Extraction and How Does It Work? Supercritical CO2 extraction might sound like it came out of a Tom Clancy novel, but it has more to do with cannabis than with Cold War espionage. What Are CO2 Cannabis Extracts and How Are They Made? | Leafly